Access Map Access/Card Access Card

The CR-A All-in-One Card Reader is an all-in-one product that satisfies a nearby or a Mag stripe reader, built in the loop detector, intercom substation, checkpoint and intelligent (chic) management controller.
The CR-A is ideal for hotel guests, employees, monthly contract users, faculty and staff who do not require tickets or processing.
The unit supports a multitude of technologies including: RFID proximity, magnetic stripe, barcode, AVI, keyboard, smart card and license plate recognition. The unit operates in an offline (autonomous) mode using an onboard processor and memory. Designed for durability and enhanced for aesthetics, the unit is made with stainless steel aluminum, supporting (supporting) operations non-stop for your customers.


  • Map reader Near 125 KHZ  
  • Built-in intercom substation with call button
  • Built-in loop detector
  • 2X16 backlit liquid crystal display
  • Stainless steel case
  • VOIP Interphone substation
  • Magnetic Card Reader
  • Keyboard
  • AVI Label Reader